Lisette knows all about living in fear. "It was horrible, like being trapped. I was afraid if I got pulled over when driving I’d get deported and separated from my family."


In 2015, OneAmerica will focus on legislation that seeks to redress issues of inequality due to Climate Change, pass a Washington Voting Rights Act


Making sure our communities have a safe, clean environment is crucial to the advancement and integration of immigrant and refugee communities in America.


Since our founding, OneAmerica has been dedicated to improving education to ensure equity and quality for all students and building an educational system that is reflective of our asset-rich and ve

By Pavan Vangipuram
, Thu. Apr. 16 | 7:09 AM
Earlier this month, OneAmerica hosted the US Secretary of Labor, Tom Perez, for a round table session with Washington State educational, community and labor leaders.More
By Pavan Vangipuram
, Wed. Apr. 15 | 6:44 AM
In late March the Seattle City Council voted unanimously to oppose “fast track” consideration by Congress for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), an international business agreement that the ObamaMore
By Pavan Vangipuram
, Mon. Apr. 6 | 4:50 PM
Workers in Seattle began to see the fruits of their long, determined effort for a living wage last week, as wage increases attached to Seattle’s historic $15/hr minimum wage law went into effect.More
By Pavan Vangipuram
, Tue. Mar. 10 | 6:04 PM
Last month, immigrant advocates, high-skilled immigrants and their families celebrated an important change in federal rules allowing the spouses of certain high-skilled visa holders to receive authMore
By Pavan Vangipuram
, Mon. Mar. 9 | 10:56 PM
We are thrilled to announce new officer positions on the OneAmerica Board of Directors. Collectively, Fé Lopez, Yasmin Christopher, Han Nachtrieb, Alice Ito and M.More

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