Since our founding, OneAmerica has been dedicated to improving education to ensure equity and quality for all students and building an educational system that is reflective of our asset-rich and ve


On December 2, 2013, the King County Council passed an ordinance  that would establish clear guidelines for local law enforcement's involvement in federal immigration enforcement and m


Youth are an increasingly important part of our community. As Washington State’s largest immigrant advocacy organization, OneAmerica knows this.



By Charlie McAteer
, Thu. Mar. 13 | 9:37 PM
By Mary-Jayne Walker, OneAmerica Education Policy & WNA Intern What a week of victories for bilingual students in Washington State! More
By Charlie McAteer
, Mon. Mar. 10 | 11:09 PM
With the 2014 Legislative Session complete, we're getting ready to celebrate some huge victories - from Olympia and elsewhere around the state - at our More
By Communications Intern
, Fri. Feb. 28 | 11:07 PM
By Mary-Jayne WalkerMore
By Otts Bolisay
, Fri. Feb. 28 | 6:17 PM
“You and Ken got married? So you’re a citizen now!” A typical reaction. Sweet, really. But it doesn’t work that way.More
By Charlie McAteer
, Tue. Dec. 17 | 11:44 PM
OneAmerica is proud to announce a new funding partnership to advance the social determinants of health through community organizing and advocacy work with immigrant communities in Vancouver, WashinMore

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