On December 2, 2013, the King County Council passed an ordinance  that would establish clear guidelines for local law enforcement's involvement in federal immigration enforcement and m

2013 was a huge year for OneAmerica and our community.


Youth are an increasingly important part of our community. As Washington State’s largest immigrant advocacy organization, OneAmerica knows this.


On February 6, 2013, over 400 immigrants and advocates from all across Washington State joined forces in Olympia for OneAmerica's Immigrants Day at the Capitol.

By Charlie McAteer
, Thu. Mar. 13 | 9:37 PM
By Mary-Jayne Walker, OneAmerica Education Policy & WNA Intern What a week of victories for bilingual students in Washington State! More
By Charlie McAteer
, Mon. Mar. 10 | 11:09 PM
With the 2014 Legislative Session complete, we're getting ready to celebrate some huge victories - from Olympia and elsewhere around the state - at our More
By Communications Intern
, Fri. Feb. 28 | 11:07 PM
By Mary-Jayne WalkerMore
By Otts Bolisay
, Fri. Feb. 28 | 6:17 PM
“You and Ken got married? So you’re a citizen now!” A typical reaction. Sweet, really. But it doesn’t work that way.More
By Charlie McAteer
, Tue. Dec. 17 | 11:44 PM
OneAmerica is proud to announce a new funding partnership to advance the social determinants of health through community organizing and advocacy work with immigrant communities in Vancouver, WashinMore

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