Lisette knows all about living in fear. "It was horrible, like being trapped. I was afraid if I got pulled over when driving I’d get deported and separated from my family."


On Monday, January 9th, the Washington State legislature resumes its work in Olympia for the 2017 Legislative Session. 2017 promises to be a contentious year.


Making sure our communities have a safe, clean environment is crucial to the advancement and integration of immigrant and refugee communities in America.


Since our founding, OneAmerica has been dedicated to improving education to ensure equity and quality for all students and building an educational system that is reflective of our asset-rich and ve

By Pavan Vangipuram
, Thu. Mar. 15 | 8:24 PM
Last week, the Washington legislature adjourned following a particularly intense and active 60-day legislative session.  OneAmerica grassroots leaders from across Washington, staff and allies More
By Pavan Vangipuram
, Fri. Mar. 2 | 10:22 PM
This post was written by OneAmerica Washington New Americans Program Manager Mallori ThompsonMore
By Pavan Vangipuram
, Mon. Feb. 19 | 8:08 PM
Last week was filled with a number of twists and turns in the immigrant rights movement and OneAmerica was at the helm of advocating for a resolution for the million More
By Pavan Vangipuram
, Fri. Jan. 26 | 6:35 PM
When the President ended the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program in September 2017, nearly 800,000 individuals who had applied and received DACA suddenly had the rug taken out from beneaMore
By Pavan Vangipuram
, Tue. Oct. 31 | 10:56 PM
Elected leaders and community-based organizations gathered to condemn recent action More

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