What's Possible

The results of the national election weigh heavy on my mind and heart. Hate crimes and harassment targeting Muslims, immigrants, and refugees echo what happened in the wake of 9/11. The election of Donald Trump has emboldened a resurgent anti-immigrant, white nationalist movement. Immediately after the election, we started getting calls and questions about what a Trump Administration could mean.

While the fear in our communities is real, so is the courage and resilience of our members and leaders. On #GivingTuesday, take a stand with us and support justice for immigrants and refugees in Washington State!Donate

The day after the election, OneAmerica leaders and staff stood with Seattle Mayor Ed Murray as he courageously declared that Seattle would remain a Sanctuary City irrespective of a Trump Administration.

The next day, we organized a press conference featuring Latino, Asian American, Muslim, immigrant and refugee, legal advocacy, and faith leaders prepared to defend our families and communities against mass deportations, immigration bans on ethnic and religious minorities, and anti-immigrant bullying and vigilante harassment and violence. 

We plan to stand up to hate and pave a just path forward by:

  • Ramping up a program of organizing, community education, and human rights documentation to educate our communities on their constitutional rights, hold government officials accountable, and build our movement of grassroots leadership. This is work we know how to do.  It’s been part of our DNA since our founding more than 15 years ago.
  • Reaching out to the broader progressive movement that is beginning to comprehend the implications of a Trump Administration on LGBTQ, environmental, women’s, and worker protections. Our alliances to win progressive climate policy, to expand transportation access, and to expand worker rights and raise the minimum wage will be foundational to the scale of action necessary to prevent the evisceration of more than 60 years of progress in the United States.
  • Exploring new approaches, with key partners, to engage those voters who supported Trump out of fear of demographic change even as they saw their own quality of life and economic security stagnate or fall into decline.
  • Working to make progress on critical statewide priorities, including voting rights, immigrant rights, climate justice, progressive revenue, and education equity.

The challenges are great and the stakes are high. We are resilient and ready to fight. Will you chip in to support our strategic work at this pivotal moment?

After all, when we join together, we can achieve results. In this election, our civic engagement and voter outreach work helped achieve historic victories on issues like the minimum wage and Sound Transit 3. And we're proud to congratulate our founder, Pramila Jayapal, who was elected to Congress.

In 2016, with your support, we helped more than 1,700 legal permanent residents become United States Citizens. We registered 3,500 new voters in immigrant and refugee communities. More than 1,500 immigrant and refugee voters pledged to vote.

People across the country are looking to our state and the OneAmerica family to keep reaching for what's possible. 

Across Washington State and in Washington, DC we will be asserting our hopes and aspirations for a welcoming, racially equitable society prepared to take on the major issues of our time.

Thank you for your support,
Rich Stolz
OneAmerica Executive Director

We also welcome contributions through whatever method is most convenient for you. To ask a question or donate by phone: Please call Becky Pogany, Development Manager at (206) 452-8411.

OneAmerica is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please note: donations are not refundable.

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