Lisette knows all about living in fear. "It was horrible, like being trapped. I was afraid if I got pulled over when driving I’d get deported and separated from my family."


Since late 2013, over 60,000 unaccompanied minors have crossed the US border from Mexico and Central America, according to th


Since our founding, OneAmerica has been dedicated to improving education to ensure equity and quality for all students and building an educational system that is reflective of our asset-rich and ve


Making sure our communities have a safe, clean environment is crucial to the advancement and integration of immigrant and refugee communities in America.

By Pavan Vangipuram
, Thu. Oct. 23 | 11:02 PM
Submitted by Carlos Martinez, OneAmerica member and leader.  Last month Carlos and other OneAmerica youth leaders were recognized at the Annual Event of theMore
By Pavan Vangipuram
, Wed. Oct. 22 | 7:53 PM
Lillian Magat-Flores has lived in the United States and has participated in its rich history since 1965, but not having naturalized, she has been excluded from the ability to vote and sponsor familMore
By Pavan Vangipuram
, Mon. Oct. 13 | 11:29 PM
This post was written by OneAmerica Executive Director Rich Stolz. More
By Pavan Vangipuram
, Fri. Oct. 10 | 7:44 PM
On Thursday, Vice President Joe Biden keynoted a major fundraiser for the Democratic Party called ‘Women of Valor’ to raise funds for Democratic Senate candidates running for re-election inMore
By Pavan Vangipuram
, Wed. Oct. 1 | 8:54 PM
This post was written by OneAmerica Senior Education Policy Manager Roxana Norouzi, and was originally published in More

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