Membership & Leadership Development

It is not enough to want change, we have to be proactive and organized to make lasting changes in our communities. Through our membership program, we are training new leaders to use their voice to advocate for justice and challenge themselves to develop new leadership skills. Whether it's speaking up at a town hall meeting, organizing in your neighborhood, writing a letter to the editor, or participating in a call to action, join us in becoming a voice that is powerful enough to make small changes close to home or large enough to create ripples across the states!  

"We are the ones we have been waiting for."
- President Barack Obama

Expanded Membership:

OneAmerica's membership program combines the strength of thousands of supporters across Washington State and the country to create a consistent, effective voice in support of immigrants and refugees. We've signed up thousands of individuals across Washington State who are committed to protecting human rights, civil rights, and immigrant and refugee rights, plus over 30 organizations, including churches, labor unions, immigrant service providers and community groups.

Become a OneAmerica member!

Members participate in Lobby Days, press conferences, actions and meetings with elected officials and provide personal stories that help shape a positive narrative around immigrants in the media. In October 2009, two busloads of OneAmerica members and activists joined the 3-day "Family Unity Ride" to San Jose to rally in support of Representative Luis Gutierrez's announcement of comprehensive immigration reform principles. 

Member Basra Mohamud speaks up on behalf of immigrant and refugee communities at Shoreline Health Reform Town Hall:

Trained New Leaders:

OneAmerica has targeted certain active members for leadership roles in OneAmerica community groups across the state. These community leaders participate in roundtables, forums, and development trainings- focusing on public speaking, organizing and sharing their stories with legislators- and join other advocates in Olympia for Lobby Day.

Leaders are helping form OneAmerica member groups in several Washington cities, including Tacoma, Mt. Vernon, Lynnwood, South Seattle, and Vancouver, that can be quickly mobilized to respond to key priorities for immigrants, including immigrant integration and comprehensive immigration reform.

Become a Member!

Start your own OneAmerica community group or join one in your area!

To find out how you can be more involved contact Lead Organizer Maha Jahshan at



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