Skagit Valley's Spanish and English-speaking community group meets twice a month to educate community members about immigration issues and about the best ways to support the Reform Immigration FOR America campaign. Leaders work in teams to do outreach about the movement for Immigration Reform to different arenas of the community such as KSVR radio, faith groups, farmworkers, students and teachers, ranches, businesses, immigrant groups, and collaboratively with the Skagit Immigrant Rights Council.

Members are active and joining others from across the nation to organize for Immigration Reform in 2010. Leader Jose Ortiz joined a OneAmerica delegation in Washington DC on October 13th for a family unity rally and to talk to Washington Representative's about important immigrant and refugee issues in Northern Washington. He told the stories of people from Skagit Valley and was one of the first people to directly address the issue of profiling in the San Juan Islands with state representatives. He joined thousands from across the US to rally with congressman Luis Gutierrez for family unity.

A strong voice of the Skagit Valley base group, Miguel Angel Gaitan, traveled to San Jose, CA, with 2 buses of OneAmerica members to partake in a Family Unity Rally targeting Janet Napolitano on October 15th. They sucessfully marched with over 1000 people on the streets of San Jose and sent a powerful and peaceful message to the Secretary of Homeland Security that immigration reform and family unity are urgent issues.He also attended a four-day Democracy School in Los Angeles in December which brought together leaders from seven states to unite in strategy and best practices and carry that information back to their communities.


On November 18th, OneAmerica Skagit organized the largest community teleconference with Luis Gutierrez in the state of Washington. Over 150 people from Mt. Vernon attended and leaders spoke to the community about Comprehensive Immigration Reform, the importance of participation, and ways to be involved in the movement locally. Ahraham Tenorio lead the group in joining the national text network TEXT JUSTICE and calling Representative Rick Larsen to support Immigration Reform.

On December 11th, a delegation of 6 OneAmerica Skagit leaders including Arturo Gallegos, Jose Ortiz, Lilia Ortiz, Moises Pacheco, Francisco Lopez, and Marsha Riddle Buly attended a leadership training for OneAmerica leaders in Federal Way, WA.

Soon after, leaders organized a group of over 20 people from Mt. Vernon to join OneAmerica and other individuals for a Christmas Rally for Immigration Reform in downtown Seattle. Leaders read the reasons that they want an Immigraiton Reform in the next year and their Christmas wishes that included family unity and the ability to persue college. They graced the event with painted signs of the virgin and crosses representing solidarity, pain, hope, and support from the faith groups of Skagit Valley.

Join OneAmerica Skagit to create a cohesive voice for Immigration Reform in Northern Washington!

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