National Affiliations

Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM): FIRM is national coalition of grassroots organizations  fighting for immigrant rights at the local, state and federal level. It is housed at the Center for Community Change in Washington D.C.

Reform Immigration for America:  The Campaign to Reform Immigration for America is a united national effort that brings together individuals and grassroots organizations to build support for "workable solutions that uphold our nation's values and move us forward together."  We are working with broad allies across the country to achieve the 279 votes needed to win just and humane comprehensive immigration reform legislation: 218 votes in the House of Representatives, 60 votes in the Senate, and one signature from the President.


Rights Working Group (RWG): RWG strives to restore the American commitment to protect civil liberties and human rights for all people in the U.S. RWG has grown a strong coalition of civil liberties, human rights and civil rights, national security, and immigrant rights organizations to work hand in hand to restore due process.


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