Director of Special Projects

Ada Williams Prince holds a B.A. from the School for International Training in Brattleboro, Vermont and an M.A. in Development Studies from Bradford University, England. She has worked with refugees since 1994 beginning in Nepal with Bhutanese refugees.

Prior to OneAmerica, Ada was the Senior Advocacy Officer for the Women's Refugee Commission, leading advocacy efforts with the UN and the NGO community, pushing for global systemic change to improve the lives and protect the rights of refugees and displaced persons. She has worked with many organizations including the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Survivors, Save the Children UK, Refugees International, the Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance/USAID and has served on the board of the Refugee Women’s Alliance in Seattle and as Chair of the Board of Directors of Wandsworth Women’s Aid UK, a domestic violence shelter. Follow her on Twitter @AdaRobot.

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