Senior Field Manager

Maha joined OneAmerica with over 10 years of experience in social justice and working with immigrant students and youth. She holds a Bachelor's in Communications, a Bachelor's in Near Eastern Languages and Civilization and a Master's in Near Eastern languages and Civilization from the University of Washington. Her research focused on cross-cultural communication between the United States and the Middle East and allowed her to travel to interview a broad sample of populations from actors to politicians to local community members.

Maha is the lead organizer in OneAmerica where, in addition to helping coordinate the civic engagement work, she develops and implements the vision for an innovative leadership youth program. She works with people from diverse socioeconomic, academic and cultural backgrounds and creates a local replicable model that stresses youth civic engagement with emphasis on taking a passionate and personal responsibility for active citizenship. Maha brings first-hand experience of mobilizing immigrant communities towards civic action and policy change.

She also serves as a women's commissioner in the City of Seattle where she researches, analyzes and makes recommendations to the Mayor, City Council and City Departments on issues facing women in Seattle. She also is on various community boards and volunteers at local shelters.

In addition to her experience with OneAmerica, Maha has also worked extensively with various immigrant groups in the community, tutoring and mentoring youth of all ages by organizing, counseling and tutoring opportunities. She is also a strong advocate and ally for recent immigrant Egyptians to America, where she uses her solid understanding of the political and cultural landscapes of Egypt and of the United States to better relate and serve the people in those communities. She is fluent in Arabic and her experience as a first generation immigrant helps her respect and commit to help in the fight for social, racial and economic justice.

Follow her on Twitter @mahazja (note: this is a personal account).

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