State and Local Policy

State and Local Policy

OneAmerica has a successful track record of actively shaping policy and educating policy makers about issues around immigrants and immigration at the local and state levels.  Locally, OneAmerica has worked to pass resolutions, ordinances and develop policies that acknowledge the rights and needs of immigrants, while at the same time opposing policies that would harm Washington’s foreign born residents.  At the State level, OneAmerica is leading the development of an immigrant integration agenda and is actively involved in analyzing and responding to policies that impact immigrant communities. 

Whether preserving the rights of all Washington residents to economic opportunity or ensuring continued funding for citizenship services and language access and acquisition programs, OneAmerica is a statewide resource for policy analysis and advocacy from the Capitol in Olympia to Yakima Valley and Spokane.

Below, please find more information about OneAmerica’s state and local policy agenda:

OneAmerica's 2015 State Legislative Agenda

Policy Analysis and Advocacy



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