"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."- Margaret Mead

OneAmerica Metro in Vancouver, WA, was the first OneAmerica Community Group to form in Washington State. It is lead by a diverse group of leaders and includes hispanics, laotians, caucasions, and is growing to include other ethnic groups from the Portland and Vancouver area.

On October 13th, leaders Rick Covington and Kevin Kong Smith traveled with OneAmerica to Washington DC for a Family Unity Rally and support congressman Gutierrez in a proposal for Immigration Reform.  They lobbied at the capital with OneAmerica organizers and afterwards Rick addressed a crowd of over 2,000 people with passion, purpose, and urgency, telling the story of a dear friend who spent a month in the Tacoma Detention Center and encouraging the people present to become involved in the movement.

Rick Covington
US Navy retiree with 24 years of service and leader of OneAmerica Metro.
"It would be an honor equal to my receiving the US Navy's meritorious service medal to be Elizabeth's sponsor for naturalization as an American Citizen.
I would give up all of my US Navy medals even though they are my legacy for my children and my grandchildren if I could be assured that Elizabeth, a compassionate mother, wife, friend, and neighbor, could be united with her family. Her present situation is not the America I spent years defending. I come to YOU, asking your support for Comprehensive Immigration Reform."

Kevin Kong collaborates with other leaders in OneAmerica Metro and works with members of the Lao community across Washington State to mobilize and educate the community around Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Kevin Kong Smtih
Founding member of OneAmerica's Vancouver Community group.
"I became a member of OneAmerica because I believe in righteousness, family unity, and I would love to rebuild America to be a strong nation in the world. We need to save this country for the next generation! Since 1975 my family had been apart because of the Vietnam War. For over 20 years my dad who was the National Royal Police officer fought for the US during the Vietnam War and afterwards was sent to the Lao Communist Concentration camp in Southern Laos for 14 years. We were separated for over 30 years and I am so happy that he now lives with me in Vancouver, WA, however he is unable to become a US citizen. I stand with OneAmerica and the Lao community in the movement for Immigration Reform so that other families don't have to be separated and that we have a true democracy where there is justice for all."  - Kevin Kong,

On December 11th, a delegation of 6 OneAmerica Skagit leaders including the Covingtons, Ruiz family, and Rosalba Pitikin attended a leadership training for OneAmerica leaders in Federal Way, WA. Now they are organizing Vancouver and the Metro area for Immigration Reform and are inspiring new voices to become active locally! Community meetings are held every month.

For more information on how you can become active with OneAmerica Metro in Vancouver, WA, please contact Elsa Batres Boni elsa@weareoneamerica.org



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