Communications and Media

OneAmerica believes that effective communications campaigns are essential to shaping public opinion and increasing understanding of immigrant integration and immigration reform issues.  We work on designing materials for general publication, as well as on specific ethnic and mainstream media campaigns that can shape public opinion and speak to the broader community as well as immigrants.  One example of our innovative communications work is the Washington New Americans media campaign around the benefits of citizenship.

Other communications strategies:

FLIP VIDEO PROGRAMOneAmerica YouTube Channel
OneAmerica is a participant in the Flip Video Spotlight program that allows the organization to purchase Flip cameras at a low cost. In addition to the communications staff, each OneAmerica organizer has a Flip cam they take to meetings, rallies and forums. Staff interview and take testimonials from community members on what immigration reform means to them and why they care about the issue.

OneAmerica photographs all events with a digital camera that allows for press quality pictures and high-quality documentation. These images are uploaded to Flickr, Facebook and provided freely to media.OneAmerica photojournalism

With help from creative partner agency UpRoar, OneAmerica works to concept and create thoughtful, provocative and sophisticated advertising messages that advance understanding of issues facing immigrants. The first such campaign was the Washington New Americans ad campaign, which documented in print, video, radio and online, the benefits of citizenship.

In 2009, OneAmerica made an aggressive push to increase social media presence. Through use of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr, OneAmerica has greatly increased the presence of immigration on social media in the region.

OneAmerica is featured regularly in news coverage related to immigration and Executive Director Rich Stolz is a frequent guest on regional and national radio, TV and print media.

OneAmerica's website, relaunched in Jan. 2010, is designed to be a hub for information and resources related to immigration and human rights. From policy papers, reports and fact sheets to events and resource listings, the site aims to serve the general public, the media, researchers and those interested in immigration.

OneAmerica's in-house graphic design staff work to create lively, engaging and informative reports, publications and materials for organizing and development needs.

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