A World of Languages in Washington

As immigrant and refugee students head back to school this fall, many are seeking out the opportunities that OneAmerica, working closely with allies, has helped create to ensure that all of our state’s children succeed and thrive. Opportunities like the World Language Credit Program, where over 1,500 students have earned credit toward high school graduation by demonstrating knowledge in reading, speaking, and writing a second language, such as Spanish, Amharic, French, Arabic, and others.

But opportunities like this program are only available to a portion of our state’s students and families.

Will you help us expand opportunities like the World Language Credit Program to students across Washington State?




Your contribution directly supports efforts to expand innovative educational opportunities like this program - and ensure parents and students are aware of them. Help us organize students and parents. Inform school administrators and state legislators. Prepare the groundwork for the next legislative session. Travel to Olympia. And win more victories for immigrant students and parents! World Language Credit Students

In addition to the World Language Credit Program, OneAmerica has worked with our strategic allies to pass the Washington State Dream Act, allowing undocumented students to apply for financial aid and attend college. And we continue to bring the voice of parents into the arenas where decisions are made that impact education for every student in our state.

We've already started preparing for the 2015 Legislative Session which begins in January. But we have to organize immigrant students and parents across our state who can advocate for  their families in Olympia - some for the first time! 

Support our edcuation advocacy and help us reach every school district in the state! 

Youcef, Jenesis, Anthony, and Salma are all talented, multilingual students who represent the future of our state and they're featured in our new video! Watch it and discover how we're creating opportunity - one student at a time!

Thank you for your support!

And thank you to Quantum Productions, Inc., who produced the video, and the Road Map Project for their generous support in making this video possible. Find out more about OneAmerica's Education Policy advocacy here.

OneAmerica Senior Education Policy Manager

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