King 5: New Community Radio Stations About to Hit Airwaves

SEATTLE -- More than a dozen new community radio stations are about to begin broadcasting throughout certain Seattle neighborhoods and Puget Sound communities.

13 stations recently received FCC approval and are in the process of constructing low power FM transmitters and studios.

The new stations will have a small range, covering just a few neighborhoods. They expect to be on the air later this year or in 2016.

"It can actually become a community radio station rather than one of many Internet radio stations that has a specific mission," said Gabriel Schubiner, one of the hosts at Hollow Earth Radio, an online streaming station in Seattle's Central District. Hallow Earth Radio is among the broadcasters soon to have a spot on the FM dial.

The non-profit group OneAmerica will soon broadcast to SeaTac on 106.5 FM, a place where the city's immigrant population can tune-in.

Watch the full broadcast here!

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