Parent Engagement

Research shows that family involvement in a child’s education is directly linked to the child’s success in school. Unfortunately, there are major systemic barriers for immigrant and refugee parents to fully support and be involved in their child’s education.  These barriers do not only exist for immigrant and refugee communities, but for many other communities as well.  To address this issue, OneAmerica works with key partners to ensure that our education sParent Engagementystem promotes access and equity for all, and builds power among parents to be strong advocates for their children, and strong voices in building an equitable education system.  


OneAmerica is deeply committed to identifying and understanding the current barriers that exist for families in our region (read our report “Breaking Down Barriers”) and to changing the structure of the education system to one that values the assets that linguistically and culturally diverse families bring to our classrooms and communities. To do this, we support and organize parents in brining their voice into decision-making processes, while urging the education system to develop shared governance structures that create more accountability to families and communities. 

As a result we have developed a new parent engagement project - organizing a cohesive network of parent leaders in South King County to ensure that parents have a voice in the education system.  

Kellogg Foundation Steps Up for Education

In April 2014, OneAmerica received a $500,000 grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation for our parent engagement work in South King County over the next two years. Focusing on early learning, this project will strengthen efforts by parents and early learning and child care providers in immigrant and refugee communities to be a powerful voice in shaping the early learning and school systems at the decision-making level, and become equal partners in supporting their children’s education.

Our work will build on a dual-generation approach, bringing together parents of young children in South King County to gain a deep understanding of the education system as well as receive career navigation support so that we can help connect parents to better economic opportunities in their communities. This is a game-changer for our current educational framework – it will create a space for parents to advocate for their children to have equitable access to educational opportunities, and will contribute to ensuring that all students receive a high quality education. OneAmerica is excited to partner with the Community Center for Education Results, the Road Map Project, and the Seattle Jobs Initiative to implement this project.

Read the Seattle Times article covering the announcement.

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