Policy Advocacy & Research

The Policy Advocacy & Research team supports OneAmerica’s policy platforms — immigrant integration and Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) — through political coordination, legislative advocacy, in-depth research and writing, and community outreach. We have published critical reports that bring essential information to the attention of the public and policymakers. Previous research has focused around human rights violations at the Northwest Detention Center, statewide polling on immigrant sentiment, and immigrant workers’ contributions to Washington State’s economy.
For PDF copies of these reports, please click here.

OneAmerica’s Policy & Research Team works closely with the Organizing Team and our Members to move forward positive immigration policy at a local, state, and national level.

Examples of the work we do include:

•   Engaging with elected officials at local, state and national levels to inform and educate about immigration and immigrant issues from the community perspective, thereby moving congressional representatives into taking action on CIR and immigrant integration.

•   Playing leadership roles in national coalitions advocating for due process and immigration reform, including serving on Executive Committee of the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) and the Rights Working Group (RWG).

•   Mobilizing leaders in the community, education, faith, and business sectors to come together through our monthly membership and business roundtables and discuss strategies for moving forward CIR and other legislation that impacts immigrant communities.

•   Providing research support to the Governor’s New Americans Policy Council, which was created by Executive Order in February 2008. Council members include leaders who serve in government, universities, private business, and the nonprofit sector. OneAmerica’s founder and director, Pramila Jayapal, serves as Vice-Chair to the Council.

•   Organizing public hearings around Washington State with community members and the New Americans Policy Council. These hearings allow immigrants and other community members, leaders, and service providers to give testimony describing the challenges and barriers that immigrants face as they integrate into American society.

•   Creating publications on various aspects of immigration policy and immigrant demographics. Our most recent report, “Building Washington’s Future: Immigrant Workers’ Contributions to Our State’s Economy” was designed to help our readers gain a clearer understanding of the direct contributions current immigrants make to the building of economic growth and prosperity in Washington State as workers, tax payers, and consumers. Other reports include: “Voices From Detention: A Report on Human Rights Violations at the Northwest Detention Center” (July 2008) and “Justice For All: The Aftermath of September 11: Report from the Public Hearing” (September 2002).

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