Poll: Attitudes of Washingtonians toward Immigrant Integration

Despite our state's sizeable and growing immigrant population, not a lot of polling has been done around attitudes toward immigration in Washington State.

That's why a poll that OneAmerica commissioned when it was Hate Free Zone in 2008 really stands out. The statistically-significant poll was conducted by Lake Research Partners, a leading national public opinion and political strategy research firm.

Polling Conducted by Lake Research Partners for Hate Free Zone Washington

2008 poll numbers for immigrant integration2008 immigrant integration results

Lake Research designed and administered the survey that was conducted by telephone using professional interviewers between February 2-7, 2008. The survey reached a total of 600 likely voters in Washington.  Telephone numbers for the sample were generated using Random Digit Dialing (RDD). Data were weighted by age, gender, region, education, and party identification. The margin of error is +/-4.0%.

Key Findings of the Poll:

  • Key finding: "On balance, voters in Washington believe immigrants have a positive effect on the state. There is a strong thread of shared values between voters in Washington and immigrants, including working hard, pursuing the American Dream, and supporting children and their futures."
  • 69% of voters express support for a New Americans Executive Order as described here:  
    “The New Americans Executive Order would create a two-year public-private council to integrate immigrants in Washington across sectors including learning English, education, workforce, human services and housing.  It expands funding to help legal permanent residents who are eligible to become citizens.  The Executive Order demonstrates Washington’s commitment to integrating immigrants as fully participating contributors to our society.  Would you say you are favorable or unfavorable toward the New Americans Executive Order?”
  • 90% of voters support helping immigrants to learn English so they can fully participate in society
  • 87% support reducing the burden on our social services by making sure that immigrants who are here can work legally with fair pay and benefits and pay taxes
  • 86% of voters support helping legal permanent residents who are eligible for citizenship to become American citizens (see our Washington New Americans Program)
  • 86% of voters believe that immigrants are hardworking
  • 85% of voters support making sure immigrants have the education and job skills needed to support their families and pay taxes
  • 82% of voters believe that immigrants work hard for the American Dream for their children
  • 75% of voters believe immigrants have good family values

This strong support for immigrants - and American values like fairness and rewarding hardwork - provides compelling evidence that immigrant integration strategies can find fertile ground here in Washington State. 

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