Development Director

Robin has worked to build sustainable resources for advocacy nonprofits working to solve big problems for over ten years. Born and raised in Seattle, she's happy to be back after seven years in Portland, Oregon. She served as the Development Director for both Oregon League of Conservation Voters and Columbia Riverkeeper, and is a graduate of the University of Washington's Political Science program. Robin served as the Chair of Oregon Environmental Council's Emerging Leaders Board and ran citizen outreach offices during the 2008 election and on behalf of consumer advocacy, GLTBQ civil rights, and other progressive causes. After years in the environmental advocacy community, she is happy to be continuing her work on environmental justice and expanding her involvement in human rights and advocacy on behalf of and with immigrant communities.

Robin brings a passion for social justice, connecting with people, learning their stories, and engaging them in the joyful struggle to make the world a better place. In her free time, she likes to get outside with her dachshund, Timmy, and play board games with her husband and friends.

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