Washington New Americans Policy Council - Year One Report

A Plan for Today, A Plan for Tomorrow: Building a Stronger Washington Through Immigrant Integration

The New Americans Executive Order 08-01, signed by Governor Christine Gregoire on February 20, 2008, recognized the need for a comprehensive proactive approach to immigrant integration that views newcomers as contributors who will continue to add to the prosperity and well being of our entire state. To facilitate the development of these strategies, the Order established a New Americans Policy Council to deliberate and provide recommendations to the Governor on efforts the State could undertake for successful immigrant integration.

This report is the product of the New Americans Policy Council’s deliberations, from November 2008 to October 2009. It focuses on recommendations in a few key areas:

  • Implement a Statewide Campaign for English Language Learning;
  • Support and Encourage Citizenship;
  • Enhance Language Access;
  • Promote Cross-Cultural Community Safety;
  • Provide Immigrant and Refugee Professionals Pathways for Career Re-entry;
  • Celebrate Washington’s Diverse Communities;
  • Advocate Actively on Key Federal Issues that Relate to Immigrant Integration;
  • Continue the New Americans Policy Council.

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